this is the working process

Determine the model and design style

At this stage, family members, their ages, tastes, and lifestyle are identified, in order to determine the needs and requirements of each family member.

Furniture plan

In the second stage, we distribute the pieces of furniture, in order to know the locations of the windows and lighting, determine the locations of the windows, and adjust the doors according to the distribution plan. The distribution of bathrooms is also determined through this stage.

Three-dimensional images

The decoration is finally designed with all the details of the walls, ceilings, lighting, colors, and the distribution of furniture, doors, and materials at this stage.

Construction plans

The last stages of the work, which are the executive plans with sizes, projections and sectors that show all the details of the decoration and even the description of the materials used and the degrees of colors


about our company

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restuarant design

about our company

MAH Designs is an architecture and implementation design firm that strives to be remarkable, distinguished, and most importantly to produce the greatest results possible in order to realize our institution's mission of creating better and more attractive spaces for us to live in. During the design process, every touch of light, color and detail matters to us more than the result, in order to paint an integrated palette of beauty, practicality and comfort for your spac.
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meet our team of experts

Ema Denison
President & CEO
Arnold Urie
George Fong
Project Manager
 by Heba on MAH Designs
كانت تجربة مميزة شكرا لكم على الاهتمام والجودة

كانت تجربة مميزة شكرا لكم على الاهتمام والجودة

 by Heba on MAH Designs
it was a nice experience

لقد كان تعاون رائع زز شكرا لكم

Abd Elrahman Hassan
Mohamed Hassan


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– 2019 Archie Expo

– Goldman Gallery

– Vista Tomorrow ‘09

– 2017 Modern Daily

– 10th Annual Regarda

– Hamilton Showcase


– Imminent Plaza

– 2nd place, Tokyo

– 1st jury prize, NYCA

– 2018 Riviera Aw.

– NYC’s Most Wanted

– Fresh Faces, Ammi


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